The costume designed decorative pillows  & Textile Art are hand painted  with high-grade acrylic and metallic paints using 100 percent  U.S.A. cotton and natural linen textile.


Wash by hand with 40C/105F water with mild detergent. 


Do not use bleach, and avoid detergents with optical brightening agents. 


 Line dry items until damp and then iron face down using the iron's “linen” setting. 


Do not dry clean.


These floorcloths are decorative, high quality textile pieces. They can be used for display and for practical purposes. Historically, floorcloths are one of the earliest forms of interior decoration. They originated in Britain during the 1700s, predating Persian rugs by 100 years.

Each floorcloth is designed as a unique piece, painted with precision by hand and care on canvas. High-grade acrylic and metallic paints are used in the creation of these floorcloths. Since each floorcloth is custom designed, not one floorcloth is the same.


The floorcloth is designed to be used on hard floor surfaces, such as wood, marble, and any natural floor covering.​

Mild usage of soap, water and a soft cloth is recommended. Please do not use bleach or any other chemical-based cleaners. 


To prevent color fading, please display the item away from direct exposure to the sun.


Never fold the floorcloth. It is best to roll the item when storing.


For CUSTOM INQUIRIES, please see my Contact page.

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